the romance of 

motorsports and motoring; 

 doing one's​ very best on track, in life.  


do you have the motor>spirit.

//motor spirit was the English term for motor oil in the early 20th century.

​//Honda has "The Racing Spirit," which is inspiring and motivating.

//motor>spirit is the romance of motorsports and motoring; 

a time of colorful personalities,
european counts, and stylish sportsmen.  Personal excellence and 

international exclusivity.

​popular with executive-level and new-generation enthusiasts.

​//the motor>spirit logo represents a motivation​ to do one's 

very best on track, in life.

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"the  romance of motorsports and motoring" service marks.

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"You must treat your racecar 

like a beautiful woman."

​Gino Borghese (Modena, 1955)

"You must always strive to be the best, 

but you must never believe you are."

​                                         Juan Fangio

      A famous driver explained why he likes to win, 

"It's a great view from the top step."

what it takes to win.

"To succeed, you have to be motivated and nurture your instinct."

                                   Bjorn Waldegard, 1979 World Rally Champion

The GP Nuvolari is Mille Miglia Lite.

 "Live life with grace and art without pretense or extravagance."

Gino Borghese (Modena, 1955)


"The harder I push myself, 

the more I find within myself."

Aryton Senna


motor>spirit: rob alen

after college, mr. alen worked for several advertising agencies with automotive and motorcycle clients. he joined american honda and held managerial positions in national advertising for honda, acura, and honda corporate advertising; including  product advertising, acura and honda motorsports advertising and sponsorship activity. is being reconfigured for 2019.

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